Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Basic Start With Ubuntu Linux

**Disclaimer this is not meant and a end all be all but merely a good start... when in doubt google for more information, and if you find something cool share it."

So I want to get away from windows what now?
Try installing ubuntu?

After reading and trying a number of guides on the interwebs I figure it time to consolidate a few into a unified basic start for a dipping your toe into the water of linux through ubuntu.

ACTION: google top things to do after installing linux.

results: many pages saying basically the same things yet I personally only want some of the tips they share, no i am not going to walk through basic install, this post will take for granted you were able to get it on your hhd or ssd.

1) first things first, updates, and upgrades!  
                         sudo apt-get update
                         sudo apt-get upgrade
                         sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

2) next remove root login
                         sudo passwd -l root   
3)modify sudoers file
                          find this line: root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
                          change it to reflect the username of your user account instead of root:  
                                                username ALL=(ALL:ALL)  ALL
                          save changes and exit the editor.

4) remove the guest login
                         sudo nano /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50 ubuntu.conf
   find and edit the file to reflect this:
    save and exit the editor

5)install and setup your firewall; i personally use ufw
                         sudo apt-get install ufw
                         sudo ufw default deny incoming
                         sudo ufw default allow outgoing
                         sudo ufw enable
                         sudo ufw status

6)add useful apps for basic functionality, like video, email, web browsing
    easiest and fastest way to add these would be the ubuntu software center just use the search bar on the top right to look for the app desired; if not google download the ubuntu .deb package then right click the package and open with ubuntu software center. example of these apps would be:
mozilla thunderbird for email; dropbox; google chrome browser; vlc; slack chat; and skype.

so if your reading this far, thanks for taking the time and please if you have anything to add, correct, comment on such feel free, and I will try to respond to which you have to share.

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